Top 9 Mobile Apps for Savvy Small Business Owners in 2020

An entrepreneur has a ton of duties to handle. Apart from maintaining seamless communication, they also have to conduct researches, track finances, attract new clients, uphold and grow brand name, and work to retain existing customers.

To do all these, you need a well-thought-out strategy. And in a world where processing automation is possible in almost all business ops, tech should be your best friend. Technology does the donkey’s work in all businesses, so ignoring trending tools is a sign you are your own enemy.

And because tech is a broad topic, let’s discuss what mobile apps every business owner should try. With mobile playing a critical role in ecommerce, it can be a smart move to have all the resources you need to engage your customers and teams in a single platform.

  1. HelpOnClick: HelpOnClick is a live chat app that allows business owners to engage customers in real-time, and with the help of chatbots when your service team is not around. With this app, you can solve customer queries that sent through live chat via your mobile device, increase engagement and reduce response time.
  2. Trello: This is a project management tool that allows you to organize and plan tasks
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